Q-Town Coffee


Q-Town Coffee

brand idenity design


Q-Town Coffee is a non-profit organization that seeks to create a space for people to hang out, do life together, and connect. The desire is to love Quakertown, serve Quakertown, and revitalize Quakertown.


Q-Town Coffee already had an existing logo that was done in 2012 that featured the letter Q as a coffee cup. While taking the same concept, I modernized the existing logo so something more minimal, current, and interesting. 

The color palette & typography are both fresh and modern as well as timeless and enduring. I felt like the brand would greatly benefit from an added texture that could either be displayed behind the logo or on its own. A great way to add texture is through patterns. I sourced a historic map of Quakertown to create the two brand patterns you will see below.