Kathleen Laflin Real Estate


Kathleen Laflin Real Estate

brand identity design


Kathleen Laflin Real Estate brings a unique perspective to the real estate world. Buying or selling homes does not have to be boring and you don’t need to be in New York or LA to have a high-end, professional, and exciting experience.


The goal is to help facilitate a fun, modern, and exciting niche in the real estate world through branding that communicates those ideas and values as well as provides the assisting physical documents that elevate the experience.

I added a custom swoop that connects the “T” to the “H” and really sets it apart from the standard type and gives it a high-end but feminine feel without being too feminine. A key was mentioned through the revision process and as I started to sketch, I felt like a key would be too common or overused but I loved the idea of a keyhole. It conveys the same idea but a totally different take on it. I believe this mark connects potential customers with the excitement of the keyhole being the last step toward entering the home and connects Kathleen Laflin Real Estate with that excitement. 

I also focused on the gold/brass, dark blue/black, and cream color as the primary while the others would be nice accent colors. They bring in a high-end feel while still being fun, warm, and approachable.