Fete + Function

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Fete + Function

brand identity design


Fete & Function is a personal concierge-style assistant service who helps with errands, organizing, tasks and special projects so that our clients can live more and be burdened by their to-do list less. This is where the word “function” comes from. The second part of the business (the “fete”) is freelancing for luxury wedding planners who need a week of assistance for big events.

Meg has taken her knowledge of the luxury industry as well as her organization and planning skills and combined them to provide a high-quality service for people who need and thoroughly appreciate it.


I went with a modern serif that was both classic and professional while still being edgy, modern and interesting. It is quite a delicate typeface that really utilizes detail. If you pay close attention, the “F” in the logo and marks is missing an arm—making it a detached letter. This customization adds further intrigue and uniqueness. For the color, I went with something sophisticated and modern while still being comfortable and approachable.

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