Whole Nine Wellness

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Whole Nine Wellness

Offers informational, educational and physical support during pregnancy and birth. They specialize in prenatal anatomy and physiology and offer manual therapies; perinatal massage, as well as prenatal yoga classes/teacher trainings.

Whole Nine Wellness teaches women what's happening in their bodies and ways to cope with and normalize the physiologic process in addition to engaging their partners for an informed, collaborative birth experience they can own.


The audience of Whole Nine Wellness are pregnant women in their 20s to 40s who are environmentally conscious and sustainably minded. They are curious and open to following their curiosity down a road that is not the standard in our culture, valuing experience as opposed to outcome. They value education and exploration over social norms or the status quo and are actively seeking out ways to enhance their life experiences. Self care is also very important to them as they understand the power they have in their own health.

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The Direction

In keeping things minimal, interesting as well as gender neutral—I went with an art deco sans serif. The horizontal line of nine dots that represents the nine months of pregnancy and if you look closely at the circle and arch graphic, you will notice that it is made of many tiny dots/specs which is a play on the idea of the cosmos. Together it represents our connection with the cosmos as well as wholeness.

In order to convey the fact that birth is no linear, I raised the word nine in the primary logo, which allows the eye to take a journey on more of an arch rather than a straight horizontal line. The secondary logos also reflect this in either the shape of an arch or circle.

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