The Wellness Refinery


The Wellness Refinery

A sanctuary for those looking to detox from the impurities of daily life. It aims to serve individuals with holistic healing infrared sauna therapy, a rejuvenating and comforting organic tonic bar, as well as, a marketplace with all natural personal, herbal and health products.

The Wellness Refinery aims to be a sanctuary amongst the concrete jungle. I want it to be a safe space for anyone who is interested in adopting a healthy lifestyle, but has no idea where to start.


The audience of The Wellness Refinery are generally females at from the age range of 21-38. They are making about $45k-$100k a year, living in the phila area, typically from Center City, Old City, Rittenhouse, Washington Square West neighborhoods. They value health and incorporating wellness rituals or routines into her daily life in order to promote longevity.

The brand's buzzwords










The Direction

I wanted to go with something minimal yet memorable. I took advantage of the amount of letter “e’s” in the name and decided to play off of that. I really like that it creates a few different patterns and that it is a repetition of three lines—tying into the tagline “refresh. revive. restore.”

The three lined mark can be used throughout the physical and other brand details as you will see in the upcoming pages. This will give a well-rounded consistency to the brand identity without having to put your primary logo on everything or everywhere.

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