Shaw Photography

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Shaw Photography Co.

A husband and wife wedding photography company specializing in New York and Destination Weddings Nationwide that grew out of an appreciation for photography and honest storytelling.


The audience of Shaw Photography Co. is 30-37 y.o. professionals living in major cities who are likely to have a destination wedding due to their love of travel and adventurous spirit. They value quality over quantity whether it’s their time or the things they purchase. They are intentional and detail oriented—preferring ethical and sustainable brands at a higher price point over having lots of “stuff”. Work is important to them, but does not come before family or a fulfilling and abundant life spent with loved ones.

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The Direction

In order to keep in line with our goals from the brand strategy guide of “natural while remaining mature and refined”, I created a custom design type for both Shaw Photography Co. The hand drawn imperfections of the type paired with the clean sans serif font and the geometric half circle convey the natural feel while still looking refined and mature.

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