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A simple bag that someone uses to put their phone away at a time when they’re trying to limit distraction. The brand represents embracing the present moment and promotes human-connection, self-awareness and an appreciation for the moment you’re living.

Camped aims to create a more connected culture. Connecting to each other, not technology.


The audience of Camped are generally female at the age of 20-34. They are making about $60k-$90k a year, living in mostly urban areas. They value intentional living, a healthy lifestyle, balance, authentic experiences, cultural understanding, and local products/food.

The brand's buzzwords




Calm & Present






The Direction

I went with a very clean and minimal route that instills calm, simplicity, balance and intentionality. Since the logo will be part of the product design, I did not want it to look too commercial or branded, but more like art­—something that people would want to look at on a daily basis. The secondary logos are more logo-like and can be used for all other elements of marketing, but everything works together in a cohesive system.

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